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About Us

Dealstruck: The Best Place for Small Businesses to Finance Growth

We combine the best of technology-driven service with the best of traditional finance to provide innovative funding solutions that are fair, transparent, and affordable.

At Dealstruck, we have utmost respect for you – the small business owner. Our team of entrepreneurs, expert lenders, and technologists knows that you are the star of the show and that the financing options facing your successful businesses are often costly, confusing, and inflexible.

We are here to change that by combining technology with a unique suite of loan products designed specifically to offer your business a credible pathway to mature financing. Through our online platform, your business can receive real-time feedback on its borrowing options and prequalify instantly for a loan suited to your specific needs.

Our ultimate victory is to graduate your business away from short-term, high-cost capital to conventional bank financing by providing the right product at the right price at all stages of your company’s growth.