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What is a DBA – Understanding the Pros and Cons

Posted on by Leigh Steele

Running a successful small business requires strategic planning and consideration of the cost-benefit tradeoffs of many decisions. One of these decisions includes your business structure and the name under which you will operate. This article provides a general overview of … Continue reading

Top 5 Year End Tax Planning Tips for Small Businesses

Posted on by Leigh Steele

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.  But, for small business owners, it can also be an overwhelming time. There are last minute deals to close, year-end bonuses to hand out, and holiday parties to plan. Amidst all of … Continue reading

You’re write skills could need some helping too be gooder!!

Posted on by Kate Kearns

Apologies for the painful article title, but I wanted to showcase why the quality of writing in your professional career is so important. Once something is committed to writing, it’s in the world forever. It can be printed and placed … Continue reading

How to Get a Small Business Loan: Tips for a Female Entrepeneur.

Posted on by Lana Worthington

Hello ladies.  As a woman working in finance, I am always keeping an eye out for information that can help my fellow females secure financing, customers and success in their small businesses.  In that search, I came across an article … Continue reading

Does anyone talk to each other anymore in financial services? Moving past the numbers

Posted on by Jason Fleming

A recent piece published in Wired by finance blogger Felix Salmon noted the recent “rise of the quants” in fields as varied as the US intelligence system, political campaigning, and sports. Salmon describes the rise as the ascendance to power of people whose “native … Continue reading

Tax Avoidance Strategies vs. Qualifying for Growth Capital

Posted on by Jason Fleming

Recently, Dealstruck CEO Ethan Senturia and myself appeared on the It’s Your Money radio program.  Our co-guest for the evening was Sean Puckett, Senior Vice President of Regents Bank. Early in the program, Sean picked up on a theme that … Continue reading