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What to do about negative online reviews

Posted on by Maxine Lipner

Like it or not, reviews are the lifeblood of many businesses. This is still one of the largest influences of consumer buying, according to Keith O’Brien, CEO, “I think, given the choice of purchasing a product or service that … Continue reading

Team Building on a Small Business Budget

Posted on by Maxine Lipner

While your employees are all excellent individually, they could benefit from some of those popular team-building exercises—spending time in treetops or skimming down zip lines building trust. However, such exercises are not within your small business budget. The good news … Continue reading

5 Ways to Ensure You Aren’t Underpaying Your Taxes

Posted on by Maxine Lipner

As your business ramps up, employing a foolproof system for tracking expenses and revenues will keep you from getting in over your head or inadvertently overpaying Uncle Sam. To claim business expenses, like office supplies or meal expenditures, the Internal … Continue reading

Avoiding Fraud: A Few Words to the Wise

Posted on by Maxine Lipner

No matter the industry or the size of the business, no one is immune to fraud. Unfortunately, small businesses tend to have disproportionately large losses from asset misappropriation. Companies with fewer than 100 employees lose in the vicinity of $155,000 … Continue reading

What to do when clients slow-walk payments

Posted on by Maxine Lipner

Your products are on the store shelves and you’ve fulfilled your end of the bargain, complete with promptly submitting invoices. Still, you find yourself cash-poor as the lapsed invoices languish on some accountant’s desk. Wringing prompt payments out of clients … Continue reading