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Choosing Between an LLC and an S Corporation

Posted on by Leigh Steele

Assessing which corporate structure to select for your business, both from a legal and operational perspective, is a key factor in setting up your company for success. Each of the distinct options have advantages and disadvantages in relation to taxes, … Continue reading

What is a DBA – Understanding the Pros and Cons

Posted on by Leigh Steele

Running a successful small business requires strategic planning and consideration of the cost-benefit tradeoffs of many decisions. One of these decisions includes your business structure and the name under which you will operate. This article provides a general overview of … Continue reading

Top 5 Year End Tax Planning Tips for Small Businesses

Posted on by Leigh Steele

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.  But, for small business owners, it can also be an overwhelming time. There are last minute deals to close, year-end bonuses to hand out, and holiday parties to plan. Amidst all of … Continue reading

What Healthcare Reform Could Mean for Your Small Business

Posted on by Leigh Steele

It should come as no surprise that decent health care benefits top the list as a priority for current job seekers.  According to an article on Fastcompany.com: “Just over three-quarters of U.S. workers prefer great health care packages over schedule … Continue reading

Payroll Setup – Avoiding Risk and Snafus

Posted on by Leigh Steele

Setting up payroll can be daunting. Get educated and avoid mistakes that can lead to risk for SMBs. Make sure your payroll is setup properly. The unique rewards of being a small business owner are what often draw people to … Continue reading

The Shifting Tide of Employee Evaluations and Reviews

Posted on by Leigh Steele

Juggling a multitude of responsibilities as a small business owner can quickly become overwhelming and exhausting. Among these, providing continual one-on-one feedback to employees is often one area that easily ends up neglected. Even managers with the best intentions find … Continue reading