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Are you using behavioral analytics? You should be.

Posted on by Gail Dutton

Behavioral analytics, a niche within talent science, is helping organizations of all sizes look beyond resumes to hire people most likely to succeed in specific jobs in particular organizations. It’s also being used to chart career paths and to identify … Continue reading

Olympians Go For The Gold (again) as Entrepreneurs

Posted on by Gail Dutton

Professional boxer and entrepreneur George Foreman is a legend both in and out of the ring. After winning Olympic gold in 1968, he turned professional, winning the World Heavyweight title in 1973. More than 20 years later, in 1994, he regained … Continue reading

5 Entrepreneurs Tell All: The Best Lesson of the First Year in Business

Posted on by Gail Dutton

For entrepreneurs, the first year is the hardest. That’s when financing, marketing, sales, staffing and everything else all must come together to generate income or show enough advancement to reach the next milestone. The learning curve is intense. Here, entrepreneurs … Continue reading

Close the Deal Like a Pro in 8 Steps

Posted on by Gail Dutton

You’ve been talking with the client for months. You’re ready to make the sale, then…poof! The deal you thought you had in the bag evaporates, never closing. Often, the client didn’t say no; they just failed to make a decision. … Continue reading