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Alexander Petit is the Affiliates Relations Specialist at Dealstruck. As the primary point of contact for brokers he spends most of his day on the phone or answering emails. In his few precious minutes of spare time, he writes humorous blog articles loosely linking sci-fi and business finance.

Foolish Finance Frights Foster Fear For Finance Finders

Posted on by Alexander Petit

Ghosts, vampires, zombies, and werewolves are all creatures that we have come to associate with Halloween. All have two things in common; one, they aren’t real, and two, if they were, they’d be terrifying. It is funny how once a … Continue reading

Become an Expert in Your Field in the Time it takes to Enjoy a Cup of Coffee

Posted on by Alexander Petit

I didn’t always know finance; and there are many who would argue that I still don’t. Although I can safely say that I know untold amounts more than I did a year ago, before I foraged my way into the … Continue reading

This Article is About Procrastination. Read it NOW.

Posted on by Alexander Petit

In a minute! I’ll do that later. Well, can it wait? We’ve all heard the laments of the habitual procrastinator and are familiar with their cries for delay. Some of us might even be a little too familiar with those … Continue reading

What Star Wars Taught Me about Small Business Finance

Posted on by Alexander Petit

You don’t have to go back a long, long time ago to a galaxy far, far away to understand that Star Wars has transcended the screen and become a staple of pop culture across the globe, spawning countless toys, novels, … Continue reading