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5 Best States for Start-Ups

Posted on by Marcie Geffner

When it comes to starting a business, some states offer better benefits than others. Continue reading

Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow

Posted on by Kate Kearns

Kids are the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, and they’re headed back to school any minute. We should be encouraging that imaginative, unlimited part of their brains. Here’s how. Continue reading

Credit Cards and Your Small Business

Posted on by Ann Logue

Credit cards are a great way for small businesses (SMBs) to cover expenses and grow, but make sure you do your homework first. Continue reading

Homemade in the American Marketplace: Ooma Tesoro’s Journey to Delicious Fame

Posted on by Edmund Newton

How a family went from corporate to homemade glory with just the right recipe for success. Continue reading

20 Quick Tips to Manage Company Cash Flow

Posted on by Marcie Geffner

The business accounting term “cash flow” means exactly what it sounds like: the flow of cash into and out of your business. Positive cash flow means you took in more than you spent. Negative cash flow means you spent more … Continue reading

Are you using behavioral analytics? You should be.

Posted on by Gail Dutton

Behavioral analytics, a niche within talent science, is helping organizations of all sizes look beyond resumes to hire people most likely to succeed in specific jobs in particular organizations. It’s also being used to chart career paths and to identify … Continue reading

Paying Yourself at your Small Business

Posted on by Ann Logue

You start a business to make money. But, it takes money to make money. Running a small business takes an ongoing investment. If you are both the sole business owner and the sole employee, the situation is simple. You get … Continue reading

The Future of Money: Bitcoin and Digital Currencies

Posted on by Kate Kearns

The phrase “cash is king” is quickly becoming out of date. Most money isn’t money at all – not in a bills, coins, cows, or even gold bullion kind of way, at least. It’s information on a computer. When we’re … Continue reading

Olympians Go For The Gold (again) as Entrepreneurs

Posted on by Gail Dutton

Professional boxer and entrepreneur George Foreman is a legend both in and out of the ring. After winning Olympic gold in 1968, he turned professional, winning the World Heavyweight title in 1973. More than 20 years later, in 1994, he regained … Continue reading