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What to do about negative online reviews

Posted on by Maxine Lipner

Like it or not, reviews are the lifeblood of many businesses. This is still one of the largest influences of consumer buying, according to Keith O’Brien, CEO, iLoveToReview.com. “I think, given the choice of purchasing a product or service that … Continue reading

Why do Germans order two beers at a time?

Posted on by Kate Kearns

In 1923, Germans would rather burn cash for heat, or even use it as wallpaper, before spending it. A suitcase filled with money couldn’t even buy a newspaper. In fact, some say that when a customer left his wheelbarrow of … Continue reading

Become an Expert in Your Field in the Time it takes to Enjoy a Cup of Coffee

Posted on by Alexander Petit

I didn’t always know finance; and there are many who would argue that I still don’t. Although I can safely say that I know untold amounts more than I did a year ago, before I foraged my way into the … Continue reading

Employee Retention at Your Attention

Posted on by Connor Galvin

When it comes to running a business, the people you surround yourself with will ultimately come to define your company. Through customer engagement and the lifecycle of your particular product or service, the individuals on your side of the table … Continue reading

This Article is About Procrastination. Read it NOW.

Posted on by Alexander Petit

In a minute! I’ll do that later. Well, can it wait? We’ve all heard the laments of the habitual procrastinator and are familiar with their cries for delay. Some of us might even be a little too familiar with those … Continue reading

Wise Up: You Need a Website!

Posted on by Paula Felps

In today’s digital world, most customers go online to find the company they want to do business with. But, surprisingly, a survey by the market research firm Clutch found that 46 percent of small businesses don’t have websites. That’s surprising … Continue reading

How to Fire the Office Dud (Even if it’s Uncle Joe)… and Avoid a Lawsuit

Posted on by Edmund Newton

The man comes in late, spends an hour or two texting on his cell phone, falls asleep at his desk and shows near-zero productivity. This has been going on too long. It’s time to fire the guy. Even worse, he’s … Continue reading

Five-Minute Trivia: Fun with Financial Firsts

Posted on by Kate Kearns

Everything happens for the first time, but only once. Today we take our cash for granted. Coins fall into couch cushions or roll around the floor of the car, and bills spend the summer months hidden away in coat pockets. … Continue reading

5 Entrepreneurs Tell All: The Best Lesson of the First Year in Business

Posted on by Gail Dutton

For entrepreneurs, the first year is the hardest. That’s when financing, marketing, sales, staffing and everything else all must come together to generate income or show enough advancement to reach the next milestone. The learning curve is intense. Here, entrepreneurs … Continue reading

Independence Day Infographic

Posted on by Dealstruck