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Five-Minute Fun Facts for your Memorial Day

Posted on by Kate Kearns

It is illegal to not remember the fallen on Memorial Day. That’s right, mandatory remembrance. According to a law passed in 2000, all Americans MUST pause for a moment of reflection at 3 p.m. local time. Or else. So in … Continue reading

Making Sense of Sales Taxes

Posted on by Scott Peterson

For today’s small business, the online economy has created amazing opportunities to do business far and wide. But those same opportunities can make things confusing and complicated when it comes to sales taxes. At the heart of the issue is … Continue reading

Close the Deal Like a Pro in 8 Steps

Posted on by Gail Dutton

You’ve been talking with the client for months. You’re ready to make the sale, then…poof! The deal you thought you had in the bag evaporates, never closing. Often, the client didn’t say no; they just failed to make a decision. … Continue reading

How to Jump from a Moving Train

Posted on by Kate Kearns

The story of Pete McCartney reads like a crime thriller… but it’s not fiction. In 1864, after getting caught forging up to $100,000 in phony bologna, an infamous Indianapolis counterfeiter was on his way to Washington D.C. to meet justice. … Continue reading

Write Like The Boss

Posted on by Kate Kearns

If you are the boss or you strive to be the boss, you have to sound like the boss. Do you sound on the page or screen like an authority in your profession? Have you heard the phrase “Dress for … Continue reading

Why Product Reviews Matter to Amazon Sellers

Posted on by Tina Bueno

Who can resist accessing over 480 million products with thousands of candid reviews, free, fast shipping, streaming shows, movies and music, cloud-based services, an enormous list of printed or e-books, and a no questions asked return policy? Over 244 million … Continue reading

Recruit a Tech Rock Star

Posted on by Dealstruck

Companies looking to grow often struggle to find enough technology workers to fill their information technology departments. It comes down to the simple dilemma of too many jobs and not enough people to fill them. So, landing a tech rock … Continue reading

All hail small businesses!

Posted on by Kate Kearns

Small business owners are like rock stars. Move over Bono, because: 7% of employers and 97% of exporters of goods in the USA are small businesses. Small businesses supply 60-80% of new jobs every year. $6 trillion of our GDP … Continue reading

Generate Quality Sales Leads in 5 Easy Steps

Posted on by Lisa Furgison

Bringing in new customers is often the hardest part of the sales process, but a quality lead list makes it simple. Continue reading