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Find the Best Location for your Business

Posted on by Lisa Roepe

We’ve all heard it before: location, location, location. But centrally-located office space is expensive. Learn how to find the right site for your priorities here. Continue reading

Cash May Be King, But the King is Disgusting

Posted on by Kate Kearns

Cash is really, really gross. How gross is it, and why do we keep touching it? Find out here. Continue reading

The Credit Scores that Business Owners Need to Know About

Posted on by Lydia Roth

Many business owners find their personal credit affects their business financing. They may be unaware of separate business credit scores that can help them protect their personal ones. Building strong business credit scores can give you a huge advantage. We … Continue reading

Contractors vs. employees: the Pros and Cons

Posted on by Magaly Olivero

There are benefits and drawbacks to bringing freelancers or contractors into your team. What’s best for your business? Find out here. Continue reading

The Secret Service Wasn’t Meant to Protect the President

Posted on by Kate Kearns

Today, the Secret Service is famous for protecting the president, but that’s not why it was formed. Find out why… Continue reading

5 Ways to Ensure You Aren’t Underpaying Your Taxes

Posted on by Maxine Lipner

As your business ramps up, employing a foolproof system for tracking expenses and revenues will keep you from getting in over your head or inadvertently overpaying Uncle Sam. To claim business expenses, like office supplies or meal expenditures, the Internal … Continue reading

What Star Wars Taught Me about Small Business Finance

Posted on by Alexander Petit

You don’t have to go back a long, long time ago to a galaxy far, far away to understand that Star Wars has transcended the screen and become a staple of pop culture across the globe, spawning countless toys, novels, … Continue reading

Capitalizing on Reducing

Posted on by Connor Galvin

There are a number of companies that have popped up in the last two decades that are aimed at making motor vehicle travel easier and more efficient. They directly and indirectly help us decrease the amount of pollution created by … Continue reading

Small Business Tax Survival Guide: You Can Do It!

Posted on by Kate Kearns

It’s really not scary. A pain in the spreadsheet, yes, but it’s totally possible to do your taxes yourself instead of hiring an accountant, even if it’s your first time. Look at it this way, if you can handle starting … Continue reading

Remote possibilities: 5 ways to manage from afar

Posted on by Lisa Roepe

Working from home has become more common in today’s world. Some startups simply don’t have the space for new employees, while others may allow employees to work from home as an added job perk. But managing a remote workforce can … Continue reading