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Small Business Social Media Marketing Tips

Posted on by Ritika Puri

When it comes to marketing, early-stage startups suffer from a disadvantage. Unlike their larger, established counterparts, up-and-coming organizations have minimal marketing budgets. At the earliest stages of a company, funds and attention spans are devoted to product development. Marketing often … Continue reading

Chinese New Year Infographic

Posted on by Dealstruck

To celebrate Chinese New Year, we decided to put together an infographic going into detail about the holiday so our readers can learn a few interesting facts. We hope you enjoy!

5 financial mistakes you’re making right now and how to fix them

Posted on by Nancy Dunham

In many ways, starting a business is the easy part. Keeping it financially afloat is the true challenge. The good news is there are fairly easy fixes for some of the more common financial missteps. Here are five common stumbles … Continue reading

What to do when clients slow-walk payments

Posted on by Maxine Lipner

Your products are on the store shelves and you’ve fulfilled your end of the bargain, complete with promptly submitting invoices. Still, you find yourself cash-poor as the lapsed invoices languish on some accountant’s desk. Wringing prompt payments out of clients … Continue reading