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Crazy Currencies You’d Never Guess

Posted on by Kate Kearns

Some very strange and unexpected things have been used as money in mankind’s long history. Before capitalism was capitalism, before we invented printed or metal currency, and before imperialism spread said currency to less developed countries, civilizations decided all by … Continue reading

How to Hire the Right People

Posted on by Steve Freshour

Filling a gap in a team is a delicate balance. You want someone with all the right qualifications, of course, but it’s much more complicated than that. As the Director of Credit here at Dealstruck, I’ve hired many an employee. … Continue reading

5 Essential Tools for a Small Business

Posted on by Russell McLoughlin

As technology becomes an organic part of everyday business practices, hundreds of apps and tools pop up every day, each claiming to hold the key to organizational nirvana (and actually doing the same basic things with only slight variations). But … Continue reading