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Behind the Curtain: Why does Dealstruck charge a pre-payment penalty?

Posted on by Ethan Senturia

As part of Dealstruck’s commitment to transparency, we try to pull back the curtain on the “tricks of the trade” to arm you with the accurate and complete information you need to make the best financing decision. One common refrain … Continue reading

San Diego Startup Week — You can build a tech company here!

Posted on by Ethan Senturia

When I started Dealstruck, one of the first questions most people would ask me was, “So, when are you moving to The Valley?” Repeatedly I was told, “There is no money in San Diego” and “There is no talent in … Continue reading

Personal Credit and Small Business Loans — Blurred Lines

Posted on by Jason Fleming

For many small business owners, business and personal lives often overlap.  And this is particularly true when the owner runs the company full-time.  Everyday family and personal tasks get co-mingled with professional responsibilities like dealing with vendors, customers, and employees. … Continue reading

Commercial Lending Should be as Transparent as Consumer Lending

Posted on by Ethan Senturia

When you are shopping for a mortgage, you know that you’re comparing apples to apples when you compare interest rates and terms from banks. This is because consumer lending is protected by the Truth in Lending Act, preventing any predatory … Continue reading