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Why Tax Time is the Right Time to Seek Business Financing

Posted on by Ethan Senturia

You’ve been updating your Quickbooks or spreadsheet, working tirelessly with your bookkeeper and/or accountant, and are nearly finished with your 2013 tax filing.  Congratulations!  Now what?   As it turns out, tax time is the best time to apply for … Continue reading

Dealstruck Stakes Claim to Small Business Loans

Posted on by Dealstruck

As reported at CrowdfundInsider.   P2P CROWDFUNDING PLATFORM SEES EXPONENTIAL GROWTH. DealStruck is a P2P crowdfunding platform that is focused on loans for small businesses.  They want to combine the best of crowdlending with the best of traditional finance.  Dealstruck … Continue reading

Dealstruck to Demo at Finovate on April 29-30

Posted on by Dealstruck

Dealstruck, Inc, announced today that it has been selected as the exclusive crowdlending partner to demo at FinovateSpring 2014, April 29-30 in San Jose. Dealstruck will join 70 companies that received an opportunity to present for seven minutes to banking and … Continue reading

Term Loan vs. Line of Credit — When to use and why?

Posted on by Jason Fleming

  When running a small business, entrepreneurs are constantly weighing options, especially when applying for business credit. These include, but are certainly not limited to: Will I qualify for financing? If not, what can I do to improve my chances … Continue reading

Why does amortization of a loan matter? What you should know before applying for Square Capital financing

Posted on by Steve Freshour

The credit card processing company, Square, recently announced that they are launching their own merchant cash advance (MCA) program, called Square Capital.  And they have every reason to enter the space.  They are already serving a large population of independent … Continue reading

How to avoid borrowing yourself out of business…starting with understanding how much you pay yourself

Posted on by Steve Freshour

Back when you started your business, you may have been advised to create a cash flow projection that showed the cash inflows and outflows of your business. SCORE provides a free Excel cash flow projection template that makes it easy to complete that analysis. Whether taken … Continue reading

How to Get a Small Business Loan: Tips for a Female Entrepeneur.

Posted on by Lana Worthington

Hello ladies.  As a woman working in finance, I am always keeping an eye out for information that can help my fellow females secure financing, customers and success in their small businesses.  In that search, I came across an article … Continue reading

Can you rely on information provided on P2P sites? The devil is in the details.

Posted on by Ethan Senturia

Peer to Peer lending (P2P) is quickly becoming a hot topic among consumer and commercial lending circles, and many more individuals and small business owners are turning to P2P sites for financing.  While this is an exciting new option for … Continue reading

Is the SBA At Risk This Election?

Posted on by Dealstruck

Small businesses are the lifeblood of the American economy.  They employ nearly half the workforce in the United States, account for 50% of GDP and drive new job creation.  Despite their economic significance, the troubles these businesses face accessing capital … Continue reading

Open for Business

Posted on by Dealstruck

After months of hard work and tireless effort, we are excited to announce that Dealstruck has completed the funding of its first loan. The loan was made to a fast-growing telecommunications equipment and service provider in our hometown of San … Continue reading