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Accounts Receivable Lines of Credit and Term Loans for B2B Technology Businesses

SMBs represent 99% of employer firms in the U.S. and account for more than 50% of total IT spending.

If you’re a technology company that serves small and mid-sized businesses, it’s important to stay at the forefront of innovation. This will allow you to serve your clients’ constantly changing needs. But as a small business owner yourself, how do you balance growth and new opportunities with managing your cash flow?

Dealstruck knows the technology industry well. We work with many technology companies, from IT consulting to computer networking to software businesses and we can help you increase your revenues with healthy, affordable, and appropriate capital, through a technology business loan.

Products for you

  • Accounts Receivable Line of Credit
  • Term Loan


Our accounts receivable line of credit enables B2B companies to borrow against unpaid customer invoices. It’s as innovative as you are.

Also called an asset-based line of credit or invoice financing, Dealstruck’s accounts receivable credit line gives technology companies access to borrow up to 85% of their eligible outstanding invoices so they can take on new business and manage day to day expenses. It’s everything you love about invoice factoring with nothing you don’t.

So go ahead. Give your business clients net 30 or even 60 day terms and gain an advantage over your competitors. With the safety net of a revolving line of credit, you won’t have to turn away new clients or new opportunities due to cash flow concerns.

Do you feel a general Commercial Loan or Industrial Loan would be better? We’ve got you covered here! 

Jake Hansen ZTelco Communications

“The process from signing up to being funded went very quickly, so we were able to make needed changes really fast. The capital we received helped take a lot of pressure off our overhead. I’ve referred some other companies to Dealstruck. They helped us move beyond R&D and selling, to mainly selling – a lot.”

Jake Hansen – ZTelco, Communications Company


Our term loans offer flexibility, affordability, and a fixed payment so you can manage your monthly expenses.

Dealstruck has provided business term loans for many technology companies and we can help yours too. Whether you need capital to hire staff, invest in new software or equipment, or expand your location, we will help your technology business grow and prosper by providing the right loan for your stage of growth.

Marcus Martin PhD MPH - 2M Research, Government Contractor

“We got both a term loan and a line of credit from Dealstruck. One loan option helped us pay off our MCA loan while the other gave us the freedom to grow. Finally, we’d found an easy and transparent solution that enabled us to make payroll and hire new staff. We’d finally found a loan provider that could understand the conditions of our business and work with us to provide a solution that met our needs.”

Marcus Martin, PhD, MPH – 2M Research, Government Contractor

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