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Expansion and Equipment Loans for Restaurants

The restaurant industry is the 2nd largest private sector employer in the U.S. with a workforce of over 14 million.

Dealstruck has provided restaurant loans for countless businesses. We understand owning an eating establishment comes with many joys, but also, comes with a side dish of unique challenges. We know that your restaurant is as demanding as it is rewarding.

More than 90% of restaurants fail within the first year. So what’s the secret to overcoming those odds and ensuring that your eatery is set up for success? One important component is finding a reputable and responsive source of small business capital and funding.

Products for you

  • Expansion Loan
  • Equipment Loan


As your restaurant grows, you may realize you’re quickly running out of room. An expansion loan is a great way to re-invest in your business.

With financing up to $250,000 and terms up to 48 months, restaurant owners can get a lump sum of cash up front for large expenses associated with expanding their businesses. Payments are fixed and fully amortizing to ensure they’re predictable and affordable.

Partnering with Dealstruck allows you to get back to doing what you do best – running your restaurant. We’ve provided small business loans for many food and beverage establishments, and we can help you, too. Smart financing leads to smart growth, and an expansion loan from Dealstruck is the smartest option for growing businesses.

Do you feel a general Commercial Loan or Industrial Loan would be better? We’ve got you covered here! 


With the loan from Dealstruck, I can expand faster and sell to many more markets. Their platform is a very good fit for small businesses like ours. When the banks close the doors, Dealstruck opens doors. More money helps me generate more business, so this is the perfect option for us.

Gurpreet Bains – Indika Foods, Inc., Indian Grocery Importer Owner


With an equipment loan from Dealstruck, restaurant owners can purchase more advanced cooking equipment, buy supplies, and upgrade point of sale (POS) systems.

Equipment loans are a great option for large one-time expenses. Many restaurant owners also use term loans to pay off credit cards or other high interest rate debts like merchant cash advances (MCAs).

Don’t use up much-needed cash by purchasing these items outright – finance them with an affordable equipment loan so that you can free up cash for operating expenses.


Without my Dealstruck loan, there’s no way I would’ve been able to pay my contractors, purchase my equipment, or my inventory. They don’t think any idea is crazy and they’re willing to listen.

Micah Goldfarb – Greenspot Salad Company, Restaurant Owner

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