Lines of Credit

Whether you need to normalize cash flow during inventory buying season, or to access your money that’s tied up in unpaid invoices, Dealstruck has a credit line that will work for your franchise business.

Both the inventory based credit line and the accounts receivable credit line give you access to the business capital you need, when you need it.  And as truly revolving lines of credit, your ability to draw funds increases every time you make a payment.

Let Dealstruck pay for your inventory!  Use our money to buy your product, saving your cash on hand for other operating expenses.  Take advantage of cash or bulk discounts from your suppliers.

Don’t be hamstrung by late-paying clients.  Get access to your cash by borrowing against your outstanding invoices.


“Sometimes we get multiple jobs, one on top of the other, and insurance companies are often very slow to pay for the jobs we do. But I need to pay my 20 employees on time so the line of credit allows me to meet payroll while I’m waiting on my invoices to be paid. It’s very helpful.”

Ozzie Calzada, ServPro franchise owner

Inventory Line of Credit Features

  • Interest only period for up to eight weeks
  • Revolving line lets you draw funds as your balance is paid down
  • Credit lines up to $500,000

Accounts Receivable Line of Credit Features

  • No payments!  Your line is paid down by your customers as they pay their invoices
  • Access your capital that’s tied up in unpaid invoices
  • Credit lines up to $500,000

Affordable working capital term loans from Dealstruck are designed to fit your needs, big or small.

Franchise businesses need capital to expand and Dealstruck term loans are a great option.  When you have big expenses, such as site improvements, equipment, vehicles, or even marketing, longer terms and affordable payments are just what you need.  And many businesses choose a Dealstruck term loan to pay off high interest rate debt like credit cards or daily debit advances.

Term loans have fixed rates and are fully-amortizing which means your payments include both principal and interest. And with terms up to 48 months, your payments are affordable and predictable.

“Dealstruck quickly set itself apart.  They were able to answer my questions, tell me exactly what the loan would cost, and were very responsive. I was quickly able to get a $50,000 loan that allowed me to start on the path to greater growth and I will definitely be working with Dealstruck again as my financing needs grow.”

John Townsley, Window Genie franchise owner

Term Loan Features

  • Fully amortizing fixed payments
  • Terms up to 48 months
  • Loan amounts up to $250,000