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Accounts Receivable Lines of Credit and Term Loans for home healthcare providers

Estimated at more than $30 billion, home healthcare is the fastest growing industry according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The baby boomer generation is reaching their 60s, and the need for in-home healthcare is growing. At Dealstruck, we talk to many business owners who are either looking to purchase home healthcare franchises or expand existing businesses.

Whether your home healthcare business staffs registered nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, or physical and occupational therapists, the demand for skilled healthcare labor will continue to grow. We know your industry well and we’ve helped many businesses get the growth capital they need to provide the best in home healthcare.

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  • Accounts Receivable Line of Credit
  • Term Loan



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When banks say no because you’re not profitable, you start borrowing against your personal savings. As a new business, you don’t have any reserve; so high-interest loans make it impossible to grow. [Dealstruck] has given me the ability to stay in business.

Dan Surkin – ComForcare, Home Healthcare Franchisee

Our accounts receivable line of credit is ideal for businesses that provide net terms. It’s a great way to manage uneven cash flow caused by slow-paying clients.

An accounts receivable line of credit allows you to borrow against your unpaid invoices without giving up ownership of those receivables. And because it revolves, you can access more cash as your balance is paid down by client payments coming in.

The best part is there’s never a payment. Your balance is paid down as clients pay you.

Do you feel a general Commercial Loan or Industrial Loan would be better? We’ve got you covered here! 

Home Health loan 5 Star

Dealstruck was like a miracle for me; it was a great option. I found it on the internet while I was looking for another option. Then I found a newspaper article and felt comfortable about them after reading that and doing so much research.

Jorge Gustavo Gonzalez– 5 Star Home Health & Hospice, Home Healthcare Provider


Dealstruck has traditional term loans with fixed weekly or monthly payments that are affordable and predictable to help you manage your expenses.

Many of our home healthcare providers have used their term loans for one-time expenses such as expansion, a new payroll system, or advertising. Term loans are also a great option for paying off high interest rate debts like merchant cash advances and credit cards.

Term loans have fixed rates and are fully-amortizing, which means your payments include both principal and interest. And with terms up to 48 months, your payments are affordable and predictable.

We know every business is unique. See how we can customize our products for you