eCommerce & Retail

eCommerce & Retail

Inventory Loans and Lines of Credit for Retailers, Amazon Sellers, eBay Sellers and more

Retail accounts for nearly two-thirds of the U.S. gross
domestic product online and in stores.

At Dealstruck, we understand the complexity of running a physical store or an Amazon business, so we offer a variety of eCommerce & retail loans and credit lines that address a range of needs. Many of our existing clients are eBay and Amazon sellers and retailers.

The eCommerce & retail sector includes businesses selling to consumers, from mom and pop stores, to eBay or Amazon sellers, to service providers. You know how important your industry is to our local and national economies, and Dealstruck does too. That’s why we love helping small businesses grow.

Products for you

  • Inventory Line of Credit
  • Term Loan


With an inventory line of credit, retailers and online sellers can draw the funds they need to pay their suppliers – domestically or overseas – and pay just interest for up to 8 weeks.

This gives retailers much-needed breathing room to move product. And because many suppliers offer price breaks for volume and upfront cash, retailers are able to increase their purchasing power to take advantage of these incentives.

Because the credit line is revolving, businesses can draw funds and pay it back as their products sell. You can take as long as 6 months to pay back your loan! Dealstruck’s inventory line of credit is the smart way for Amazon and eBay sellers to grow their businesses.

Do you feel a general Commercial Loan or Industrial Loan would be better? We’ve got you covered here! 

Success ZadehKicks eCommerce & retail, amazon loan, eBay loan

I figured there’s got to be something out there besides MCAs and banks… What influenced me to make the change [to Dealstruck] was the line of credit that gives me access to more capital to keep growing. It has allowed me to buy more product and grow more quickly than when I was using the MCA.”

Michael Zadeh – ZadehKicks, eCommerce Seller


Dealstruck has affordable working capital loans designed to fit your needs. Our eCommerce business term loans offer you flexibility and affordable payments to run your business.

Term loans are a great option for one-time expenses such as a new website, equipment, and marketing. Many Amazon and eBay sellers also use term loans to pay off credit cards or other high-interest rate debts like merchant cash advances.

Term loans have fixed rates and are fully-amortizing, which means your payments include both principal and interest. And with terms up to 48 months, your payments are affordable and predictable.

Mommy Makes the Money, LLC, eBay loan, Amazon loan

“Small business loans are the only way I can be a player in this space, which I plan to be…The financing options were clear and the rates affordable. I absolutely recommend Dealstruck to other small business owners.”

Winter Taylor – Mommy Makes the Money, LLC, Amazon Seller

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