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Accounts Receivable Lines and Term Loans for companies that serve other businesses

The cleaning industry, estimated at $50B, is one of the fastest growing service sectors in the U.S.

Dealstruck offers business loans and lines of credit for companies that specialize in commercial and Industrial cleaning and janitorial services. We’ve seen tremendous growth in this sector over the last few years, and we’ve helped countless cleaning businesses get loans and lines of credit to expand their locations, hire staff, and borrow against accounts receivable.

Make sure your commercial cleaning company is well-positioned to take advantage of the increase in demand as office vacancies continue to decline and office buildings look to reduce maintenance costs by outsourcing.

Products for you

  • Accounts Receivable Line of Credit
  • Term Loan


With a credit line, commercial cleaning businesses can borrow against unpaid client invoices and pay down their balances as their clients pay them.

Providing net terms of 30 days or more to your commercial clients is a great benefit to them, but slow payments or missed payments can put your business in a cash crunch.

With a Dealstruck accounts receivable line of credit, you borrow up to 85% of your unpaid client invoices and pay down your balance as your payments come in. And because it’s revolving, you can borrow against the available line as your balance is paid off or paid down.

Do you feel a general Commercial Loan or Industrial Loan would be better? We’ve got you covered here! 

Jidan Cleaning

Everyone [at Dealstruck] has been great to work with. Their biggest asset is that they look at each business’s situation and put each one in the right loan that works for the business. This working capital we received from Dealstruck allows me to cover payroll and equipment as I need it, on time. And these days, covering the thousands of dollars it costs us to prepare to service a large new account is no problem, thanks to Dealstruck.

Pat Claybrook – Jidan Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning Company


Dealstruck’s term loans offer commercial cleaning companies rates that are fixed and affordable allowing them to focus on what they do best.

As the commercial cleaning industry has been rapidly growing, many business owners turn to merchant cash advance (MCA) and other high interest rate loans to manage their day-to-day needs. These short-term loans are unhealthy and often come with APRs in the triple digits.

Dealstruck offers traditional term loans designed to pay off existing debt and for one-time purchases such as a company vehicle, new cleaning equipment, and other expenses like expanding an existing location or opening a new one. Dealstruck has affordable term loans designed to fit the needs of your commercial cleaning business.


I grew this business from nothing and the change made me nervous. [Dealstruck] walked me through every step, explaining how their process works and how we benefit from it. I got off the phone with a huge weight off my chest…I felt like someone else was concerned about making sure we kept growing responsibly. I would recommend Dealstruck without one hesitation!.

Edison McKeag – McKeag Maintenance Service, Commercial Maintenance Company

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